Haybale Fire and Motorcyle Accident
By Junior Firefighter Brandon Cole
August 6, 2017

On Sunday, August 6th at 11:46 hours, the Avondale Fire Company was dispatched to the 1600 block of Newark Road for a report of hay bales on fire. Chief 23 and Deputy 23 responded after dispatch and were advised they believed it was thirty bales that were well involved. Chief 23 arrived at 1152 hours advising multiple bails of hay on fire and they were extending into the woods. Chief 23 took the Newark Road command and requested the First Alarm Tanker Task Force and 3 brush units. First alarm tanker task force added Po-Mar-Lin for Tanker 36 and
Brush 36, Kennett for Tanker 24 and Brush 24, Longwood for Tanker 25, and West Grove for Tanker 22 and Brush 22. Engine 23-2 was the first to arrive, laying out a 5" supply line from the end of the driveway into the scene. Tanker 23 and Tanker 36 arrived at the same time dropping both port-a-tanks and supplying Engine 23-2 while Engine 36 pulled a draft. Two 1 3/4" handlines were placed into service and began attacking the woods and other straw bales as the exposure. Engine 22 set up a fill site at Bowling Green Inn and refilled tankers from surrounding companies. Multiple brush trucks were placed on each side of the hay piles to protect the exposures. The fire was placed under control a couple hours after the loaders relocated the none burning bales. Final units cleared around 1830 hours.

Special thanks for some of the photos from Kennett Drone Guy. He was in the area and saw the smoke. He asked if he could get some aerial pictures for us.
Thank you Josh!

Also, special thanks to Lancaster County Tanker 52-1 for relocating and handling a motorcycle accident on Route 41 in the area of New Garden Road. Rescue 23 and Tanker 52-1 made the response and found a motorcycle that hit the house. The motorcyclist was transported to the hospital by EMS. The companies then cleared.

Units: Engine 23-1, 23-2, Tanker, Rescue, Ambulance 23-2, Traffic, Squad, Chief, and Deputy
Mutual Aid: Po-Mar-Lin, Kennett, West Grove, Longwood, FM(s) 101 &104