Borough Building Fire
By Avondale Fire Company
March 10, 2019

On Sunday afternoon, just after 1500 hours, the pagers of Avondale Fire Company members and surrounding mutual aid departments were alerted for a building fire in the Avondale Borough.

Assistant 24 was in the area and arrived on scene with-in 2 minutes of the dispatch. The report was given of smoke showing, with a working basement fire. Assistant 24 established the State Street command.

Engine 23-1 took the first due engine assignment and laid a supply line from a nearby hydrant. Engine 23-1 was immediately followed by West Grove's engine and ladder. Crews quickly deployed multiple handlines into the structure. Ladder 22 took the first due truck assignment and ensured the building was covered with ground ladders and assisted with ventilation and access points. Crews worked through heavy smoke and complicated building construction to find the seat of the fire in the basement.

All units continued to work for the next few hours until the final units cleared the scene shortly after 1800 hrs. No injuries were reported.

Special thanks to Rocky Run Fire Company who provided a standby crew and covered our district during the incident.

Units: E23-1, E23-2, R23, A23-2, TRF23, TCT23
Mutual Aid: West Grove, Kennett, Hockessin, Longwood, Po-Mar-Lin, Cochranville, SCCEMS, CCFM, PSPFM