Hay Bale Fire in the 22 Local
By Junior Firefighter Ulises Aguilera
November 30, 2019

On Saturday, November 30th, the Avondale Fire Company was dispatched for a tanker to assist neighboring West Grove Fire Company with an active hay bale fire on North Guernsey Road in London Grove Township. Tanker 23 made the response and was soon followed by Engine 23-1. Tanker 23 arrived and assisted with water supply. Upon Engine 23-1’s arrival, Guernsey Command diverted Engine 23-1 to cover 22’s local at station 22. After a few hours of battling the hay bale fire, Tanker 23 cleared the scene and shortly after, Engine 23-1 cleared the relocate. Tanker 23 supplied 7,000 gallons of water for the fire.

Units: Tanker 23, Engine 23-1
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