Accident with Wires Down
By Fire Police T.J. Male
May 1, 2020

Just after 11:00pm on Friday, May 1st, Avondale Fire Company was dispatched for an automobile accident in the 500 block of Hillendale Road in New Garden Twp. This section of Hillendale Road was closed at the time of the accident due to multiple trees and wires down across the roadway from the storms that came through the area on April 30th. The road closure was marked using barricades and “Road Closed” signs at three different locations.

Upon arrival, crews found that the driver of a vehicle ignored the road closure signs, went around the barricades and drove directly into a very large tree and electrical wires that were down across the roadway causing heavy damage to the vehicle. The driver was very lucky that power to the electrical lines had already been decharged.

Units: Rescue, Traffic, Chief
Mutual Aid: Ambulance 22, Ambulance 24