Hurricane Isaias Batters Southern Chester County
By Joey D'Ambrosio, Junior Firefighter
August 4, 2020

On August 4th, Hurricane Isais entered our area causing widespread damage throughout our district.

Crews started the day off at 1:30 AM with a Carbon Monoxide Alarm on Penn Green Road. Volunteers then returned home to get a little more sleep before being dispatched to Northbound Route 1 around 7:50 AM for an accident. Hours later at 10:30, Rescue 23 was dispatched again to Route 1 for reports of a spun out vehicle. Assistant 23 responded to Route 1 to search for the vehicle. Company officers searched Route 1 from the West Grove exit to the Kennett exit without seeing the vehicle. The assignment was recalled due to being unfounded. Rescue was standing by in the Lowe's parking lot awaiting a location confirmation and upon the recall, returned to the station.

At 11:06, Rescue 23 was dispatched to the area of Bowling Green Inn for reports of a subject in the lake. While responding to the scene, the subject was able to exit the water by himself and fire apparatus cleared the incident. Moments after returning to the station, the rescue was again dispatched to the 100 block of Scarlett Road for a delivery truck that had driven into the flooded road and was stuck.

Approximately 17 minutes later, Engine 23-1 and Boat 24-2 were dispatched to the bridge between Auburn and Egypt Run Rd. for a van stuck in flood waters.

After Rescue 23 cleared the incident on Scarlett Rd, they were dispatched to the area of Indian Run Road and Miller Drive for the 3rd water rescue.

Crews cleared all calls and returned to the station. Rescue 23 and Engine 23-1 then responded to the area of Southbound Route 41 at Sharp Rd for a Motor Vehicle Accident.

Avondale volunteers cleared the Route 41 accident and returned to the station to enjoy a much deserved lunch.

Around 2PM, the Emergency Management Coordinator for the Avondale Borough notified Assistant 23 that an evacuation of both buildings A and B of the Avondale Apartments was underway. Assistant 23 and Deputy 23 responded to the scene and upon further investigation determined that a dispatch was warranted. Assistant 23 established the Avondale Command and requested the dispatching of AFC units as well as Boats from Stations 24 and 25. All units went into service and rescued a total of 40 people and 1 dog from the apartments complex with 0 casualties.

Overnight Tuesday and into Wednesday, multiple calls for Carbon Monoxide alarms were dispatched due to the use of generators in the area caused by widespread power outages.

In total, volunteer crews ran 15 calls related to Isaias.

Avondale Fire Company would like to remind everyone that flooded roadways are unsafe and getting your vehicle stuck in flood waters with strong currents can potentially become fatal. Likewise, all generators should be placed a safe distance from your home and away from any open windows or doors. Even a slight crack in a door to run extension cords througis enough to fill a room with the lethal gas.

Mutual Aid: Boats from stations 24 & 25, Medic 94-1 & 2, 60PD, EMC04