Assist Modena on Scrap Yard Fire
By Brandon Cole, Hoseman
October 18, 2020

While Avondale volunteers were having an in-house duty crew, the Modena Fire Company was alerted at 1317 hours for a large scrap fire in the 1000 block of 1st Avenue. At 1352 hours, Chief Dowlin of the Modena Fire Company requested an Engine from Avondale to relocate to his station while they operated at the fire scene. With a duty crew being in place, Rescue 23 responded at dispatch. While responding to the relocate, Rescue 23 was redirected to the fire scene. Rescue 23 arrived at 1410 hours and was instructed to pull a 1.75" handline from Wagontown Fire Company's Engine 35 to protect large machinery and scrap vehicles from the exposure flames. At 1439 hours, Avondale's Tanker was requested due to water issues from local hydrants. Tanker 23 shuttled water from the Public Safety Center to the porta-tanks on the fire scene. The fire was placed under control several hours later. Tanker 23 was released around 1800 hours. Rescue 23 remained on the scene, then relocated to the Modena Fire Company to assist their crews with clean up. Rescue 23 returned to Avondale at 2245 hours.

Thank you to Lancaster Tanker 52 for covering our district during this incident.

Units: Chief, Rescue, & Tanker