Avondale Crews Train at Burn Building
By Junior Firefighter Joey D'Ambrosio
November 8, 2020

Today, Avondale members attended a day long training at the West Chester Burn Building. Throughout the day, Avondale firefighters ran through a variety of evolutions that put firefighters in different situations and allowed them to try out new ways to fight fire. In addition to the tactical training of being interior to the burning building, crews also had the opportunity to try out running Incident Command from Avondale's Chief buggy under the supervision of the current operations officers.

Avondale Fire Police also attended and had their own training that covered a variety of traffic control tactics, and the use of newly purchased equipment.

Members from Station 37 (Modena) and 33 (Honey Brook) were in attendance to assist us with stoking our fires for Avondale Crews to put out.

A standby from Lancaster Station 52 (Christiana) was in place at our station for the day to respond to any calls in our local.

Units: Engine 23-1, Rescue 23, Squad 23, Traffic 23, Chief 23
Mutual Aid: LANCO52 @ Station 23, CHES37 & 33 @ Burn Building