2021 Executive Officers and Operations Officers
By Avondale Fire Company
January 7, 2021

The membership of the Avondale Fire Company is happy to announce the Executive Officers and Operations Officers for 2021.

Executive Officers:

President: Thomas Quinn
Vice President: William Shore
Secretary: Christina Franks
Treasurer: Erin Reed
Assistant Treasurer: Zach Knox
Board of Directors: Brandon Michaels, Kenny Reed, Michael Keiter
Trustees: Michael Klosowski, Richard Franks, T.J. Male
Membership Secretary: Michael Klosowski
Membership Committee: Janet Watts, Ulises Aguilera, T.J. Male
Relief President: Steven Cole, Sr.

Fire Operations Line Officers:

Fire Chief: Harvey Hall
Deputy Chief: Steven Cole, Jr.
Assistant Chief: Matthew Bessicks
Battalion Chief/Safety Officer: John Morris, III
Career Captain: Stephen Nuse
Lieutenant: Brandon Cole
Lieutenant A: Career Shift Supervisor
Chief Engineer: Matthew Mattson
Engineer: Brandon Michaels
Chief Hoseman: Matthew Biondi
Hoseman: Anton Bilski
Fire Police Captain: Henry "Buf" Rohrer
Fire Police Lieutenant: Michael Klosowski
Fire Police Sergeant: Michael Keiter

Avondale Fire Company looks forward to a successful 2021!