Live Tracker for the Easter Bunny's Visit to Avondale's Local District
By Firefighter Joey D'Ambrosio
April 3, 2021

Starting at 8:00 am this morning, Avondale Fire Company volunteers will be escorting the Easter Bunny throughout our local district. The plan is to bring the Bunny through as much of our territory as possible today, but we will be back out tomorrow if we run out of time. Similar to our Santa runs, we will be operating a real-time Bunny Tracker that will allow you to see the Easter Bunny's location. The tracker can be viewed by visiting the Bunny Tracker link below.

As a reminder, Avondale Fire Company's territory has changed as of the beginning of 2021. Our territory includes New Garden Township and Avondale Borough, as well as parts of Franklin, London Britain, and West Marlborough Townships.

Donations to the Avondale Fire Company will go directly to help support the training, equipment, and other needs of the volunteers who are helping to bring the Bunny through your neighborhoods.

Happy Easter!

Hyperlinks: Bunny Tracker
Bunny YouTube Video