AFC runs Multiple Calls
By Firefighter Joey D'Ambrosio
November 16, 2021

Avondale crews had a busy day Tuesday, November 16th by responding to a total of 6 calls while also attending an event. The volunteers' day began at 8:00AM when Traffic 23 attended funeral services and escorted John W. Ryan of Chester Heights, a former firefighter and retired Detective with the Delaware County District Attorney’s Office.

As crews were returning from the funeral, Avondale Fire Company was dispatched to the Korean United Methodist Church in Mill Creek, Delaware for a commercial building fire. Avondale was due for only one staffed engine. However, with so many of our members recently completing fire training, four staffed fire apparatuses were able to respond.

While returning to Station 23 from the church fire, Avondale Fire Company was dispatched to the area of Limestone Road and Gap Newport Pike in New Garden Township for a two-vehicle accident with unknown injuries. All four fire apparatuses responded to the scene and secured the vehicles, contained and removed hazards, and established traffic control.

Ambulance 23 was busy throughout the afternoon, traveling as far as Lower Oxford for additional accidents.

Avondale's daily evening staffing began at 6:00PM with a crew of 8 trained volunteer firefighters standing by at the station to respond as quickly as possible to any emergencies in the area. Crews were dispatched to the intersection of Buttonwood Road and Newark Road for a two-vehicle accident. Rescue 23, Ambulance 23-1 and Squad 23 responded immediately, with Traffic 23 responding after dispatch to assist with traffic control.

While returning to Station 23 after clearing the Newark Road accident, crews were dispatched to the intersection of Cedar Springs Road and Pemberton Road for a two-vehicle accident with unknown injuries. Three apparatuses responded with Squad 23 giving the initial report of possibly three vehicles involved with hazards in the roadway.

Our volunteers ended their long day at 9:00PM when they were released from the station after returning from the Cedar Springs Road accident.

Units: Engine(s) 1 & 2, Rescue, Squad, Traffic, Chief, Deputy, Ambulance(s) 1 & 2