Assist on Accident with Entrapment
By Lieutenant Brandon Cole
December 8, 2021

While Avondale Fire Company volunteers were training with Rescue 23 in the Hartefeld development on Wednesday night, December 8th, Kennett and Longwood Fire Companies were dispatched for an accident at the intersection of Marshall Bridge Road and Creek Road in Kennett Township. Rescue 23 was staffed and self-attached to the incident along with Traffic and Squad 23.

Rescue 23 and Deputy 25 arrived at the scene to find one patient trapped in the passenger's seat of the vehicle. Firefighters from Rescue 23 and Squad 23 quickly stabilized the vehicle. Crews from Kennett, Longwood, and Hockessin Fire Companies arrived shortly thereafter. All crews worked together to extricate the patient. Rescue 23 also provided lighting at the scene.

Traffic 23 assisted with traffic control in the area.

While Rescue 23 operated on this incident, an Engine crew remained in quarters to staff and cover our first due local territory.

Units: Rescue, Squad, & Traffic