Busy Memorial Day
By Captain Brandon Cole
May 30, 2022

Memorial Day started off early as crews were alerted at 0405 hours for a possible haybale fire on Penn Green Road. Assistant 23, Engine 2, Tanker, Engine 1, and Ambulance 1 all made the response. Upon arrival, Assistant 23 found several haybales on fire. Engine 23-2 arrived and had to stand-by while loaders began moving the exposed hay due to the lack of area for our company to work. After some of the exposures were moved, Engine 2 began protecting the remaining haybales. Engine 23-1 laid 1000’ of supply line to the scene allowing Avondale, West Grove, and Hockessin tankers to supply the scene. After multiple hours, crews got all of the exposed hay away from the burning pile. Kennett also assisted with manpower at the scene. Po-Mar-Lin and the Tanker from Kennett were on stand-by on the back side of the fire to protect the back of the surrounding woods. Mill Creek's Engine assisted with ember control on Pelham Drive. The fire was placed under control around 0900 hours. The fire will continue to burn for a couple of days. Please note, you will see smoke in the area and the smell will be strong. Crews returned to the station around 0945 hours. Once crews returned, they repacked one 200’ and one 300’ handline that were used at the fire. Finally, crews were able to attend the annual Kennett Square Memorial Day Parade before having to depart for a vehicle fire. Engine 23-2 arrived on scene of the vehicle fire to find a lawn mower on fire. Crews stretched a 200’ handline and began extinguishing. Final units cleared around 1300 hours.

A special thanks goes out to Christiana Tanker 52 for relocating us during the hay fire.

Also, special thanks to Joshua Mallory for the photos of the Avondale units in the parade.

Units: Engine(s) 1 & 2, Tanker, Rescue, Traffic, Squad, Ambulance(s) 1 & 2
Mutual Aid: Kennett, West Grove, Po-Mar-Lin, Hockessin, Mill Creek, Christiana (L52)