Serious Motor Vehicle Accident on Route 41
By Lieutenant Ulises Aguilera
April 2, 2023

On Sunday, April 2nd, just shortly after 2100 hours, Avondale Fire Company was dispatched to the area of Route 41 between Newark and Sharp Roads for an auto accident reported with two subjects trapped.

Avondale Fire Company units went en route shortly after dispatch along with Southern Chester County EMS (Medic 94) and the Southern Chester County Regional Police (60PD).

The first arriving unit (Ambulance 23-1) arrived to a 2 vehicle crash with major debris and fluids in the roadway. Shortly after, Chief 23 (Fire Chief Cole) arrived and assumed the “Avondale Command”.

Avondale Command advised Chester County Fire Board negative entrapment and for department Fire Police to close Route 41 at Starr Road and Route 41 at Newark Road.

Rescue 23 and Engine 23-1 crews assisted EMS crews with patient care and provided scene lighting, debris removal and hazard mitigation.

The 1 mile stretch remained closed approximately 1.5 hours while crews worked productively to control hazards from the vehicle fluids and debris.

Shortly after, Avondale Command was terminated, the road was reopened and traffic resumed.

Units: Rescue, Engine 1, Ambulance 1, Traffic, Chief, Deputy, Station 23 Fire Police
Mutual Aid: Medic 94-1 & 94-2, NCCB19, and 60PD