Accident With One Subject Trapped
By Captain Brandon Cole
August 31, 2023

The Avondale Fire Company and Longwood EMS were alerted to the intersection of Cypress Street and Cedar Springs Road for an auto accident. Chief 23 responded on dispatch while receiving additional information from the Chester County Fire Board. Multiple different callers were advising multiple patients with one subject trapped. With this information, Chief 23 added additional ALS and BLS units. Rescue 23 responded shortly after with a crew of 5. Chief 25 was in the area at the time and confirmed a two vehicle MVC with one patient trapped. Chief 23 arrived, establishing "Avondale Command." Avondale Command had Rescue 23 pull into the stone lot while crews worked to stabilize and extricate the patient from the vehicle. Engine 23-1 arrived and assisted with extrication and hazards. Crews removed the driver side of the vehicle as well as the roof. Extrication was complete in under 15 minutes of arrival.

Multiple EMS units transported to Christiana Hospital.

Units: Rescue, Engine 1, Traffic, Chief, Deputy, AFC Fire Police
Mutual Aid: Longwood Chief 25, Longwood EMS, West Grove EMS, Medic 94-2