Accident with Entrapment
By Captain Brandon Cole
November 3, 2023

The Avondale Fire Company was alerted at 1511 hours for an auto accident in the Somerset Lake development. Captain, Ambulance 1 and the Rescue responded at 1513 hours. CCFB advised Captain 23 that additional reports stated that the vehicle was on its side, possibly in the lake and that a subject was trapped. With the entrapment upgrade, Captain 23 added Rescue-Engine 19, boats from Kennett and Longwood as well as Medic 94 to assist. Captain 23 arrived to find a car resting on its side next to the lake with one occupant trapped. Rescue 23 and Hockessin's Rescue-Engine arrived and worked hand and hand with stabilization and extrication. The occupant was extricated in just under 20 minutes. Due to the vehicle not being in water, the boats were not needed from Kennett and Longwood. Ambulance 23-1 along with Medic 94 transported to Christiana Hospital

Captain 23 held the "Avondale Command".

Units: Chief, Rescue, Engine(s) 1 & 2, Ambulance, Avondale Fire Police
Mutual Aid: Hockessin, Kennett, Longwood, Southern Chester County Medic 94, Southern Chester County Regional Police, Blittersdorfs Towing