Boat Fire
By Captain Brandon Cole
January 5, 2024

The Avondale Fire Company was alerted to the 200 block of Thompson Road for a reported boat on fire. Engine 23-2, Chief and the Ambulance responded within 1 minute of dispatch. Captain 23 arrived first to find a 30ft boat well involved with exposures to multiple tents and a shed. Engine 2 arrived stretching a 200’ bumper 1.75 handline. Tanker 23 and Engine 23-1 arrived and supplied Engine 23-2 with water. Fire was under control within 7 minutes of arrival.

Chief 23 held the incident command.

Units: Engine(s) 1 & 2, Tanker, Ambulance, Chief, Captain, & AFC Fire Police
Mutual Aid: FM100, FM60, SCCRPD